The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Grant Program prevents, assesses, safely cleans up and eventually reuses properties where harmful and potentially contaminated chemicals have been discarded into the soil and water. In 2010, the City of Lorain was granted the Brownfields Assessment Grant for $200,000 in hazardous substances and $200,000 for petroleum. The City of Lorain was established on the production of steel and shipping while being located right off of Lake Erie. After years of being in service, the steel mill closed and left 200 acres of toxic land behind it, including contamination of the Black River. This led to the Black River being designated as an Area of Concern. Since receiving the grant, the Black River and all 200 acres are incredibly close to being removed from the Area of Concern list. You should consider this program if:

  • You are planning to purchase property
  • Need an environmental conducted for financing approval
  • You are considering selling your property
  • You are interested in increasing the marketability of your property
  • Would like additional information on this program

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