The Mile-Long Pier is a staple here in Lorain. Edging right on Lake Erie, the pier includes a 600-slip marina, public parking, fishing and the Erie Steak & Seafood Co restaurant is located just at the beginning of it all. The Mile-Long Pier was originally constructed in the mid-1960s by the US Army Corps of Engineers as a navigational improvement for the harbor. In 2007, the pier underwent a complete transformation. The two-foot-thick concrete cap had become uneven and cracked after being built in 1964 and a new pavement that could undergo severe weather such as freeze-thaw cycles and heavy ice was being taken into consideration. This resulted in the use of a unit paver with a flexible base and non-mortared joints. A four-color range of earth tone brick pavers were chosen to add character as though you were taking a stroll on an old wooden boardwalk.