Estimated Cost:
$5 million
Estimated Crowd Size Capacity:
Estimated Completion:
The project is estimated to be completed in 2024 or 2025, depending on how quickly we can gather the necessary funding through donors/sponsors and the ongoing worldwide supply chain issues.


Q: Will construction interfere with the Rockin’ on the River schedule?
A: No. We will plan all work so that there is no interruption to the Rockin’ on the River concert series while the renovations are completed.
Q: What type of new events can we expect?
A: With the new design we can host larger and different types of attractions including orchestras, and more.
Q: I didn’t see any gates in the video renderings, how does crowd control work for paid events?
A: Gating will still be in place; it just wasn’t included in the video rendering in order to show the space more clearly.
Q: How close can we get to the stage? What about the seating layout?
A: The new stage design is wider and sits up higher. The whole area will also be dugout so that the land slopes down as you get closer to the stage. This will allow the crowd in the back to see over those in the front. The seats you see at the front of the stage in the renderings can be removed depending on the event. If it’s an orchestra, we can put seating down. If it’s Rockin’ on the River, we can remove the seats and open up the area so the crowd can stand near the front of the stage, etc.
Q: What about jumbotrons or big screens? I didn’t see those in the renderings.
A: There will be a large retractable screen at the back of the stage behind the performers and another on the side.
Q: How does this change the parking situation?
A: There are areas for parking as part of the renovations. The new design also helps connect downtown to the waterfront, which will allow for easier and quicker access to those parking spots as well.
Q: What about the land North of the bridge?
A: The City of Lorain has surveys already underway to redevelop that area and we look forward to learning more once the research is completed.